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As an innovative cultural platform, ArtMonopol injects fresh impetus into the art industry. By our contribution, we highlight the significance of the arts in our lives.

Regardless of the disruption of economic and social values, art has always remained an everlasting value. A piece of art holds all the qualities to make us happy: it satisfies our need for beauty and aesthetics, love and warmth and, in addition to that, has economic value.

In times of fast-paced technical and technological innovations there is a growing need for our very own shrines or safe havens within our living and workspaces, institutions, sports facilities and all kinds of other building structures where we are able to replenish ourselves with positive energy.

Even though humans are aesthetic beings by nature, materialistic values play an ever-increasing dominant role. The inner essence of every piece of art comprises something humane. And the aura of the original turns it into something unique through its authenticity, aesthetics and its effect, which can be attributed to the fact that it bears the spirit, thoughts, emotions and skills of its creator. The contemplation of a piece of art may thus raise us up or relieve stress, may rehabilitate us or allow us to enjoy, contemplate or recharge our batteries. Works of art nurture and heal our souls!