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Austrian Pop-Art artist.

Born 1964.

The biggest compliment Sid could ever receive was made by a university dean, who asked him to hold a lecture about pop-art to his students. While observing Sid’s work, however, he realized that this kind of art is not possible to teach. The complexities of his ;multifaceted and deep work are not something one can learn how to reproduce. From those words one would assume that the work is  hard to access, and that it is open for understanding only to a very small and highly erudite audience.

However, the opposite is true, because the work has wide audience appeal, like a beautiful musical motif, easy to understand but hard to compose, or like beauty itself, impossible to define, but easy to see.

Sid is on his way to conquering the art world. His art works are unique and reasonably priced. No one buying them will ever regret it.