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Stanko Zecevic

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Stanko Zecevic

Montenegrin painter.

Stanko Zecevic, born in 1954 in Montenegro, is professor of painting since 30 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Stanko Zecevic won the hearts of international collectors for his creations – even during the Yugoslavian Wars. He proved that art is a trailblazer for democracy, free from political context and independent in expression. Characterized by Flemish, Italian and the German Renaissance, in love with the nature of Montenegro he creates unique compositions which are perfected with his precise brushwork skills.

In Stanko’s artistic, metaphysic and allegoric expression small influences of the Romantic can be found, moved by the thoughts of an everlasting renaissance. In his figurative, often lascivious portrayal of women in the typical genre context of the French intimacy, he combines the perfection of being and representation.

In his work, art serves its mission to make something better out of the world and to fill it with deep content.

Many international exhibitions, his work enriches collections globally.

His work are of lasting and permanent value. The current prices are very favourable.