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Marko Jovas

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Australian Painter.

Born 1971.

Degree in architecture.

Marko Jovas’ pieces are truly unique, exhibiting great skill, charisma, depth of feeling and harmony, a spiritual enhancement to any space they hang in. Charmed, the viewer can spend hours looking at them.

The sophisticated selection of vintage, over 100 years old, painted with a subtle and highly skilled use of color stand witness to the artist’s extensive knowledge and powerful intellect.

The different sized pieces can be combined in numerous compositions when mounted on the wall, leading to unexpected conceptual relationships, enhanced by the little stories written by Sorvino. Each image comes its own story.

Over the years the artist has refined his technique to the point where, today, it is comparable to that of the old masters, leading to an unparallelled viewing experience.

No better investment can be imagined this moment, as the current prices are mid-range, and as there are no reasons why these prices wouldn’t grow very fast, in the future.