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Danijela Gracner

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Serbian painter

Born 1983.

In her studio, which she and her husband have turned into a paradise of sculptures and paintings, one cannot help it being impressed. Two kindred souls inspiring each other.

The first question arising after seeing their work is ‘which museum owns them?’

With her larger pieces, a series of colossal and heavy paintings, illustrating black figures on a black background, Danijela has achieved something fascinating, almost unbelievable:  under daylight or with proper lightning, the paintings will throw a bright and vivid shine onto the observer.

A broad variety of smaller-scale paintings testify to Danijela Gracners’ versatility and playful ease for developing new work.

Danijela Gracner is an insider’s tip. She is modest, a little reserved and young. So far, the prices are still low and do not reflect the true worth of her fabulous paintings.