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Marco Pellanda

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Swiss photographer.

Born 1954.

A block board is plastered with multiple layers of gypsum, silvered or gilded with Gesso Artistico and made visible through a spray pressure process. It is the realization of daguerreotype on today’s modern media. The resulting effect on the pictures is a diversified modulation and plasticity, which enacts with natural light incidence.

Marco Pellanda’ top-notch photographic art is unique in more ways than one.  After years of research he has developed,  perfected and mastered a personal  printing method and technique that give his work a quality impossible to imitate. He is using a special material for the ground, with a metallic, silver or gold base. A particular material is used for the substrate, which will be elaborately treated on a gold or silver basis as a preparation for the extraordinary visualization process of the photo.

His perfectly lit, mostly large scale compositions are based on the Golden Ratio, and cover a wide variety of themes, from landscapes, still lives  and portraits to politically engaged work.

Marco Pellanda’s signature feel and and look are easy to recognize in all his work which stands proof not only for a high caliber talent but also for perfect craftsmanship.

For those wanting portraits it is recommended to meet with Marco Pellanda in person.

Marco Pellanda’s work is expensive, but worth every Euro, Dollar or Franc. His prices have been rising in parallel with a very successful career and will continue to do so in the future.

71 objects are owned by international collectors around the globe, coming from cities such as Moscow, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Birmingham, Alabama or New York.