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Svjetlana Dosen

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Bosnian-german Painter.

Born in 1978 in Bosnia, she studied painting at the Academy of Art at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia). She worked several years as an art teacher in Aalborg (Denmark). Since 2011 she lives and works in Göttingen (Germany)

She is a full-blood artist.

Her creativity resembles a waterfall, which seeks for expression in the outside world in scenes and contexts of everyday life. The human and the universal questions about his existence (life and death, solitude, change, passion, fears, love, fugacity, shadows, animus and anima, etc.) are the core of her creations. Her expressions are characteristic for her monochromic, graphic elements, which are in contrast with intensive colours. The realistic, vivid pictures reminds one of scenes from black and white films. Through these contrasts, a surreal atmosphere is built around her paintings.

Her brush stroke in acrylic technique is expressive, copious and narrowed.