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Milica Skrbic Skipina

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Serbian painter, born 1986 in Zrenjanin. She studied painting at the art university in Novi Sad (Serbia).

She paints, draws, performs, creates objects and video installations. All her creations carry the essence of mystery and imagination.

Dominant is the figure, which interacts with objects, forms and symbols in a dramatic athmosphere. Besides human, one will also find mythical creatures in her work, which embody the allegory of the mind. The room of the picture is filled with warm as well as cold colours, which create a hypnotic imoression. The figures take a dominant position in the composition and have a marionette-like character. Their surroundings is stressed with shadows and symbols and expresses the mental state of the figures. Thoughts of moral, religion, questions of the individual, the collective, the sin, the lost though overlap with each other in a surreal environment where they are trapped.