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Titus Hora

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Canadian visual artist / programmer.

Born 1958.

Titus Hora’s awe inspiring revelations of the unimaginable spring from his studies of the basic human need for finding (and/or assigning) a meaning to the world.

Programmatically generated, semantically ambiguous and visually spectacular, his 2D and 3D environments are made possible by the intricate symbiosis between the conceptual and retinal modes of presentation characteristic of his work.

Hora is orchestrating intelligent, compelling and complex, almost Baroque, compositions, possessing the emergent aesthetic qualities of process driven, procedural and generative approaches to image making, and a deeply rooted connection with the totality of human condition as it plays itself out against the backdrop of contemporary socio-economic structures.

By focusing on meaning and by touching the deep, undefinable, spiritual essence of what makes us human Titus Hora’s work represents a challenge to the vapid contemporary art condition, to which it stands perpendicular both conceptually and formally.

With mid-range prices, Titus Hora’s works are, in our view, underpriced, and represent  a solid and highly profitable investment for the future. Given the consistent superb quality of his work, this future is, without a doubt, fast approaching.