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Goran Cpajak

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Goran Cpajak

Goran Cpajak was born in 1963. in Prijepolje, Serbia. He shapes stones and metals in line with natural harmony. He forms the stone in specific themes, human fears, impressions, questions, mistakes and aspiration. He considers stone as a material with many emotions. It is a mental fight and Cpajak shows his strength by bending the stone. He has been awarded international prizes and is considered as one of the most significant sculptors of our time.  His work is part of collections worldwide and has been, amongst others, exhibited on occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

He worked for a long time at Pietrasanta, a small town in Italy, known for it's caves which together with nearby Carrara is recognized as sculpting capital of the world.

Presently he teaches on Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts, divides his life between Serbia and Italy, enjoys spending time with his four children and dedicates himself to sculpture.