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Rudi Morandini

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Rudi Moradini

Rudi Morandini is a French sculptor and doctor. Fascinated by the human body, in pursuit to heal bodies on the one side and on the other side to depict the shape of bodies as a complex interplay of of various factors, he creates unique sculptures which are full of intricacy and symbolism. Inspired by the anatomy of bees, he developed his own style, which is characterized by the reflection the human body’s connections through alveloar structures in metal sculptures. His metal bodies are complex, poetic, transparent human figures, which complemented by their own shadows and light irradiation attain perfection. The artistic portrayal is at the same time a technical invention: the artist has searched years to apply the connection technology of nuts to his work and grooved it to perfectionism. The contrast between cold, industrial nuts in united with sensual shapes result in sculptures of superlatives: In an play of light and shades, Morandini’s humans levitate in metal.