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Ali Zülfikar

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Ali Zülfikar was born in 1971 in Milelis, Turkey. He studied at the Firat University in Elazig with the famous Turkish painter, Prof. Memduh Kuzay.

Zülfikar's works have been admired for many years by many art lovers worldwide.

So far they have been shown in about 170 different international individual and group exhibitions and museums.

The masterful large-sized, detailed paintings of portraits on canvas and handmade paper as well as paintings with a traditional Turkish, plant-based woolen color (whose nature is a mystery and an invention of Zülfikar) characterize his high-caliber style. His observation and perception is woven into the canvas with his pencil with the precision of a surgeon in each of his portraits.

The artist succeeds even in the highest goal of every portraitist, to imitate and make visible the soul, the life of a human being, in a very special way. Above all, the portraits of elderly people in earth-colored tones develop under his hand an intensity and expressiveness that deeply touch the viewer.

These people emanate tranquility, looseness, wisdom and dignity, in spite of, or precisely because of their age; They look back at the experiences of existence, which is manifested in their folds, the cracked structures of the skin, and all their incisions. But their gaze - partly awake and distinctly alive, partly mediative - and their bearings integrated in a harmonious line-up, point to a sublimeness that leads to a new, positive interpretation of the theme "age". At the same time, he creates a special flair for the young people in all their diversity and energy and with their hopes in their eyes on the screen. All his portraits are energetic and mysterious. Zülfikar is regarded as one of the best draughtsmen in Europe.