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Marion Rauter

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Marion RauterMarion Rauter is a narrative virtuoso of photorealism. Only with a brush and a few oil paints does she produce in her reproduced reality the drama of a play. The subjective reality she creates in her portraits is, though two-dimensional, a narrative. Since the portrayed personalities in their representation gain a sensual meta-level (compared to the original photography), their paintings lead far beyond the mere illustration.

The facial features of her portraits captivate the viewer. Their biographies are shown throughout her work. With meticulous painting techniques, she painstakingly manages to capture attributes such as wisdom, joie de vivre (joy of living), ingenuity and normality with meticulous attention to detail on large-format paintings. It creates a need to look behind the scenes.

The artist attempts to use a language of feeling in her pictures, a language beyond words, a language that can be felt across all borders, a language that touches us where we are all equal, in our greatness and nothingness at the same time , you succeed masterfully.

Since her portraits are comparable in quality to the portraits of Peter Maier, one of the pioneers of photorealism, she is on her way to playing a major role on the art market and becoming a "big deal" in the world of art - for the art experts she already is. A sparkling diamond in the flood of artists and artwork!


"Contrary to the fuss that our society makes around cult figures and seeing only the glamor as a social rank, the person interests me behind their official picture".

As impressive as the individual life stories are, the human aspects of the "heroes" are not considered in the mainstream as they are mostly stylized like goods in the media, which is something that does not quite do them justice.

And yet these people are shaped by fate, with their personal question of meaning and an unshakable passion in their actions being authentic.

Mostly these biographies are connected by the fact that they have developed themselves against the current self-denying to personalities, which have distinguished themselves by a refreshing normality or distinguish themselves. Simply human.

Representing all everyday heroes who ignore the mainstream contrary to all conventions, following their ideals as well as their vocation and remaining human, these are the heroes of the artist.

You will find it everywhere - far away from glossy magazines - in everyday life.

Their successes and defeats are reflected in their faces - their attitude, in their eyes. This unbrokenness can and should teach us to use our time. Thus, the portraits of Marion Rauter’s heroes are to be understood as post-it's for self-reflection - a silent invitation to question yourself."