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Johny Deluna

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butonEN1The Canadian artist Johny Deluna was an orphan. He started his artistic journey as a child of 4 when he was taken for a drive to get ice-cream, then left in a new house with total strangers.

The woman who became his adopted mother saw that he was in total shock as he sat alone at the kitchen table. She gave him a little paint set and he pushed water colours around on the papers in front of him. He repeated this activity hundreds of times, day after day.

Not surprisingly, he grew up with great anger and distrust of adults and authority figures. Painting was his only refuge. As a child he had no control of anything in his life except his art so he became the "god of his pictures". He could create and interpret the world in the way he wanted to see it without the intervention of anyone else.

To this day, in his pictures he tells important stories about our world and about profound topics that move him. He succeeds as both an artist and philosopher in wrapping serious themes in aesthetically appealing and colourful images.

When seen in a large group, his paintings are a riot of colours and ideas. But they have exciting and unpredictable effects on the audience.

One sees exuberant children who gleefully discover funny and beautiful creatures and events in his pictures.

Whereas, some adults are drawn to tears and others feel compelled to tell him about their own life struggles. Whatever they experience, they return again and again to their favourite pieces.  Deeply moved, they recognize their own life story told in them.

Thus, the dramatic life story of the artist is reflected in a  fascinating field of tension in his work, in profound stories of a  life-long philosophizing sage influenced by the never-lost mind of the childlike "God of pictures".