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Sandro Porcu

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Born in Caltanissetta, Italy in 1966, he grew up in Germany. He was influenced by life in Karlsruhe, the study and the New Leipzig School in Leipzig, teaching activities and projects in Upper Lusatia and the nature and culture of Sicily. As a freelance artist, he has been represented on the art market since the 90s and has completed numerous exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Korea. Sandro Porcu received various art prizes in Switzerland (Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel, 2010) Germany (scholarship Bautzen, 2011-2014, Art Prize, artgrand Munich, 2010, Via Regia Sculptura Görlitz, 2009) and Hungary.

The playful and thought-provoking way of dealing with the reality of the 21st century characterizes this object artist. His way of portraying the world and world affairs with a pinch of humor in hyperrealistic depictions is a kind of tribute to the role of art within society, to life with all its accompaniments, to the absurdity of war and being.

His technically perfectly executed multifunctional works are a mixture of artistic skill, wit and awe. To express his perception of the world, he draws e.g. in his depictions parallels with one of the most famous modern bronze sculptures in the world - Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker", bringing a real ant into the identical pose of the famous sculpture and making it a work of art. Likewise, in his work "Warhol piangente" (together with Tom Glöß), he continues to develop Warhol's work. Porcu creates a kinetic Popart work as a reproduced self-portrait of Andy Warhol from where manifest tears (and not in painted form) flow in different colors into the Campbell soup cans made famous by Warhol. This feedback to the sacred Catholic cult (Madonna piangente) makes this work of art a unique relic and a novelty never before seen on the art market.